eLite 4.0 Colored Casings (10 pack)


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With all the customizability that chips like the eLite Element and Chroma24 offer, glovers are clicking their lights more than ever before. Which is cool, but what good is a glover with sore thumbs? We decided to build a casing that just made clicking a dream. Thus, the eLite 4.0 was born.

The big, new button is a big deal. Mode switching used to require our glovers to put their fingers in awkward positions and apply pressure in hard-to-reach places to click their lights mid-show. Now, you can reach the button from almost anywhere: top, bottom, left, right - it's almost too easy.

The 4.0s feature the same size, comfort and durability of its predecessors. Made from non-slip thermoplastic rubber, they fit to a glover's fingers perfectly and stay in position without slipping.

Compatible with all eLite Glove Lights and all eLite casings. Mix and match your chips and casing colors to your heart's desire.

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