eLite Decals - Pyramid - 11 Pack


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Gloves, lights, casings and diffusers: the four staples in a complete glove set. But, as you know, gloving is an art with endless possibilities, so we thought we’d open up just one more door to help you personalize your light shows: eLite Decals. Just stick ‘em right onto your casing!

Up close, they entrance the viewer with strings of unique shapes. At high speed, you'll watch the light trail behind these trippy geometric patterns. Decals add that unique flavor to your show that makes your lights, your style.

Let’s be real. You’re going to get a lot of light shows, and you probably won’t remember most of them. But people are going to remember the dude with the bullseyes. And good luck getting that chick with the star casings out of your head!

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