eLite Spectra BT Glove Set


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 The Future of Gloving. Now.

  • Wireless Programming
  • All-in-One App
  • Millions of Color Options
  • Flashing Pattern Creator


Introducing the All-in-One EmazingLights App.

Create & save all of your glove sets in one convenient place.

  • Build off Emazing’s glove sets or start from scratch
  • Edit and reorder modes on-the-go
  • Create your own color palettes
  • Design custom flashing patterns for your style
  • Get new features, bonus glove sets and flashing patterns with free over-the-air updates



Using a near-infinite color palette, you can create and theme your colors to be completely unique to you. And there's more than one way to do it. You can use an interactive color picker, input an exact hex value (16 million combinations), or play with sliders for Red-Green-Blue and Hue-Saturation-Brightness values.

Each mode on the Spectra allows up to 8 Color Slots and 3 Tint options per color. You can mix and match colors from your own custom color palettes, or use our new stock color palettes like Vivid, Pastel, White-tinted and more.


Flashing Patterns

We jam packed the EmazingLights App with 48 Bluetooth compatible Flashing Patterns. This includes 25 never-before-seen Patterns. We can't wait for you to try out the new Razor, Onebeat, Mini-Edge, Puppet's Pattern and so many more.

Plus, take any of these base flashing patterns and put them in the Flashing Pattern Creator to experiment and make something the world has never seen.


Spectra is Infinitely Unique

With this many customization options, your Spectras will never look like anyone else’s. Unless, of course, you want them to.

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