Shield Diffusers (10-Pack)


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Premium Diffusers

Bet you didn’t think you could wrap your lights all the way around your fingers, huh? The Shield Diffuser leaves a soft gel space for your fingertip for an even 360° fit.

All Premium Diffusers are designed for the modern glover, keeping in mind a perfect fit for your hand and creating a unique light trail manipulation.


Choose Your Trails

We live in an age where glovers can be found practically anywhere, often when you least expect it. Sometimes you just want to break away from the rest of the hand-wavers out there and customize your glove set to represent YOU.

We respect that. So we’ve set out to transform your light show into your personal creation, fingertip to fingertip. Premium Diffusers make your trails, yours.

  • Create unique light trail shapes
  • Diffuse clear or frosted LED bulbs
  • Fit onto any microlight
  • 3x the size of standard diffusers (Cube & Shield)
  • Designed with comfort in mind
  • Uses Clear Gel for maximum brightness


What’s Different

These diffusers are not for the shy glover. When you’re rocking Shields, expect your light to be seen from all angles, at all times. Since the light is guided in more directions than any other diffuser, and because they’re 3x bigger than Standard Diffusers, you will find Shields make your lights more diffused and slightly dimmer than any other diffuser.  The Shield Diffuser leaves a soft gel space for your fingertip for a nice ergonomic fit.

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