Lemon Yellow EL Wire


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9 Foot Kit: EL Wire is a thin cable, about the size of your mouse cord, that will light up in one of ten colors when turned on. The wire is extremely flexible, and will not heat up during use! EL Wire uses only a minimal amount of electricity allowing it to be powered by batteries for a significant amount of time. The wire is created by coating electroluminescent phosphors around a copper core which is why it is commonly called El wire. There are many different uses for EL wire, not only does it enhance your light show, but you can also decorate your room and make costumes out of it too! Non-Toxic, cold to the touch, very durable, and resistant to water and ice. Uses two AA Batteries (Not included). On average EL Wire brightness will become half as bright after 2800 - 3000 hours running at 2000Hz. This is based on 6 to 8 hours of use each day when powered off the rest of the day. EL Wire is very safe to use: UL Certified: File E-73026, CE approved in Europe, No detectable Cd levels in the PVC Jacket, Flammability Protection: 850 degrees Celsius, and UV protection on all colors.

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