Blue Diffusers - Universal - 10 Pack


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Details: *EL EXCLUSIVE* Blue tinted Diffuser: These new diffusers fit right onto an LED bulb! These will work with ANY microlight that has a long enough bulb exposed! Dotz / Maxlights / GluvMax / MicroMax /  Inovas / Photons.  Must cut LED bulbs long enough to fit the diffuser.

Diffuser Styles:
Closed - Closed caps give off that mini flashtip look, it has a rounded off tip so it gives off a bubbly look, its a very nice cap cause it looks gives off that unique look. This cap does not have a hotspot since it is closed and the lights are evenly distributed
Open - This diffuser gives an even distribution of light, giving of a cylindrical trail with a hot spot in the middle. The benefits from this cap is that get the fat lines and you have an open end which is brighter when the light is directly pointed at you.
Thin - These mimic the class Rav'n style microlight. With an open and curved type shape these make any lights look great! The inside of these diffusers have been hollowed to allow more light to seek through.

Tinted Diffusers: Our line of tinted color diffusers change the tint and colors of any LED bulb. For example if you take a blue diffuser it will make the tint of a RGB LED more blue in tint and actually alter the trails color in many cases. The effects are most noticible when idle but trails are also effected and it's up to the light show community to figure out the best color combinations cause honestly theres too many great ones! These color tinted diffusers are a fun and easy way to change up your colors quickly.

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