eLite Chroma CTRL Glove Light


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Following up on the most popular line of glove lights of all time, the Chroma CTRL opens up a new horizon of possibilities for glovers. The Chroma CTRL is jam packed with new features, including 4 totally new colors on a 30 color palette and 4 new flashing patterns out of 11 total pattern options. The Chroma CTRL offers complete mode customization, meaning that each mode’s color and flashing pattern can be independently customized. Glovers will also be able to reorder their modes, a feature that was previously exclusive to the eLite Element.

We also implemented the all new eLock Battery Protection to prevent glovers from accidentally turning their lights on in their pockets and bags. The lights will be shipped with eLock engaged, meaning the button has to be held down for 3 seconds before it can be turned back on. The lights will also already be inside the glove and ready to wear, so glovers no longer have to take the lights out of the plastic PVC casing and load them manually.

This eLite Chroma CTRL Glove Set contains the following:

  • 10 x Clear Bulb eLite Chroma CTRL Chips

  • 10 x Clear eLite 4.0 Casings (Installed)

  • 20 x CR1620 Batteries (Installed)

  • 10 x Standard LED Diffusers (Installed)

  • 1 x Pair of White, Medium Magic Stretch Gloves

  • 1 x Glove Pouch

  • Instructions

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