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The Best First Glove Set on Earth

One night at an event, your homie handed you a set of light gloves to play with. You weren't sure why, but hey, they were dope! What ever happened to those? Or maybe you're just here because you saw gloving somewhere, and thought, hey, time to put these hands to good use. Whichever it is, you're in the right place.

Power, affordability and creativity come together in the eLite ezLite. We recommend you roll your fingers around in this awesome beginner set before upgrading to our specialty lights in the higher price ranges.

Glover Ready

Glover Ready

Comes with everything you need to throw a light show

Customize Your

Custom Colors

Become the artist choose from up to 20 color options

ClickSwitch To


Create masterful illusions using a simple on/off mode function

All of our Premium Glove Sets feature the eLite Chip line: the most trusted, durable and customizable lights on the market. The ezLite comes glover-ready out-of-the-box with 20 gorgeous colors to choose from, and 3 of the most popular flashing patterns among pro glovers. You can even dip your fingertips into the world of Conjuring with our premier ClickSwitch Technology.

Glover Ready gif

20 Gorgeous
color options

All New Default Modes

conjure with your light show

Turn your gloving into magic with one of our favorite classic styles, "Conjuring." Click the video thumbnail (right) to see how it works in Munch's classic show, "Lust." You can use a simple ClickSwitch feature on the ezLite to choose 1 of the 3 modes to use for on/off functionality.

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