eLite Flow Poi Balls (Set of 2)


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The All New eLite Flow Poi Set is perfect for poi spinners who love experimenting with colors and flashing patterns. Utilizing a built-in eLite Flow Chip, spinners can program up to 3 colors at once from a palette of 20 awesome colors. Then, in Demo Mode, these colors will flow automatically between 8 different mind-blowing flashing patterns.

Built-in Flashing Patterns:

  • HyperStrobe
  • Ribbon Fade
  • Pulse
  • 7-Color Ribbon
  • Dash Morph
  • Strobe Fade
  • Strobe Morph
  • Kandi Mode


  • 110g Each Ball
  • 75mm Diameter Ball
  • Neoprene Double Finger Loop Handle
  • 8mm Diameter Swivel Near Handle
  • 2 x CR1620 Batteries Each Ball (included)

Each ball spins like a dream. With a solid build and tons of customizeable options, you can't find another poi set with such rich features anywhere else on the market. Batteries and instructions included.




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