ezLite 2.0 Glove Set


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  • We asked our Glovers what they wanted in a microlight and their answer was simple: An easy to use, customizable and affordable chip. Featuring 20 customizable colors, 3 awesome modes (strobe, hyper strobe, dops) and an intuitive interface, the ezLite was built from the ground up to offer the power of our eLite Matrix chips at a price point that is more accessible to every day glovers. Featuring the ability to add "blanks" to your color choices, you can create 3C, 2C and 1C strobe combinations, which means you can set up your colors exactly how you want them without ever having to buy new bulbs. The ezLite microchip comes ready to go out of the box and is perfect for Glovers out there who are looking for color customization without the extra hassles of having to set multiple modes as well.

    This Glove Set contains the following:

    • 10 x ezLite 2.0 Chips in eLite 3.0 Casings (batteries included)
    • Fresh pair of White, Medium Magic Stretch Gloves
    • Protective Light Tray for your Microlights
    • Full set of Diffusers

    The eZLite has been designed to be easy to use and still offer full customization and powerful functionality:

    • Your eZLite will come pre-programmed with a RBG color set.
    • With the light off, click and hold the button to enter the color selection menu. When you find a color you like (flickering white is "blank"), simply click and hold to set the color. Once you have selected your three colors, the chip will go back to one mode on/off functionality.
    • To change your mode option (strobe, hyper strobe, dops), simply click and hold the button while the light is already turned on. The light will cycle through your three options - simply let go to select the mode you want and the light will return to one mode on/off functionality. 
    • To turn off the light, hold the button down - release the button when the light turns off.


    1. To reset your color combinations and modes, hold the button when the eLite eZLite is turned off until you see 10 quick orange flashes (This signals that the chips memory is ready to be programmed).
    2. The light will turn back on showing the color white, the first of 20 different color combinations (including a blank color). The 2nd color after white flashes dimly to signify a blank color to chose from.
    3. When you reach your desired color, hold the button until the light flashes the color you chose.
    4. Choose your next two colors with the same method as above, the eLite eZLite will also indicate what colors you have previously chosen as well. When you are finished choosing all three colors your eLite Matrix will turn off.
    5. Click the button, and the light will turn on with all of the modes and options reset to their initial starting point.

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