eLite Flow Glove Set


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Details: Although we originally created the eLite FLOW chips for our flow art toys, a ton of local glovers have been picking them up and incorporating them into their glove set-ups. At a recent Thursday Night Lights event AYO? Mimik showed up with a complete 10-light FLOW Chip set and everyone was asking why he had such unique modes and patterns. Enjoy this discounted 10-light glove set and begin to explore the outer realms of your creativity. 



  • 9 awesome new modes made specifically for Flow Artists
  • 20 built in color options - Never Buy Bulbs Again 
  • Program any 1, 2 or 3 color pattern you desire
  • Compatible with Orbite X and eLite Casings
  • Great for Gloving as well!



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