The beauty of the Orbite X3 begins the second you pick one up for the first time. Unlike other light toys that often begin with a steep learning curve, the Orbite X3 is ready to provide jaw-dropping light shows as soon as you are.

Simply learn the basics, give it a few spins and you'll be making beautiful light patterns in minutes. Spend some more time with it, and you can develop new tricks and illusions, and even share them with the ever-growing orbiting community.


Featuring Reversible Microlights

This game changing hardware upgrade takes full advantage of the eLuminate Clear Casing. Flip your lights inside-out for a vibrant inner glow.


Engineered to Perform

  • Featuring the Revamped eLite Flow V2 Microlight

  • New Back-to-basics Keyring-Style Comfort Handles

  • Casing Improvements Completely Eliminate Rattle
  • Thicker 3mm String for easier spins and added control
  • Easy Assembly & Battery Change - no need to remove strings
  • Improved Screw Durability + Mini Screwdriver included!


What’s In The Package?

  • Orbite X3 Fully Assembled
  • Mini Phillips-head Screwdriver
  • 2 x Keyring-style Comfort Handles
  • 4 x eLite Flow V2 Microlights
  • 2 x Satin Strings (3mm / 38in)
  • 8 x CR1620 Batteries
  • Instructions

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