Proton Orbit (Casing Only)


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The Universe at Your Command
The Proton Orbit represents the next step in orbit design and engineering. Orbiters can now find the perfect spin through our optimally balanced 5-light casings.

Crafted For Elite Orbiters

  • 5-Light Design - Optimal Weight, Balance and Spin
  • Durable Construction - 3D Printed with Precision
  • Secure Snap-Fit Casing - Sturdy Rattle-Free Spin

The Power of Shapes & Trails

The Proton Orbit comes in 2 state of the art designs: Classic & Inverted.

The direction of the chip changes the diffusion, trails, and shapes of your lights!


Symmetrical Chip Seating, Outer Ring Light
Diffusion, Standard Geometric Trails & Shapes


Balanced Inner & Outer Facing Chip Seating,
Outer Ring + Core Diffusion for Evolved Trails & Shapes

Choose Your Color


Crystalised Diffusion
Bigger & Brighter Trails
Great for Nighttime Flow


Precise Diffusion
Defined Trails
Great for Daytime Flow

What’s In The Package

  • • Proton Orbit (Case Only)
  • • Screwdriver

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