Zero Orbit Pro


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orbiting’s powerful
New direction.
The orbit community has been waiting for this. The Zero Orbit: CTRL combines revolutionary multi-directional
lights capabilities with advanced orbiters' favorite orbit light, the Chroma CTRL. Includes 4 CTRLs and 2mm string installed.
The Zero Orbit: CTRL combines revolutionary multi-directional light capabilities with one of the community's favorite orbit lights, the Chroma CTRL. The CTRL brings the Zero 10 more colors, 5 more color slots, Tint Control, Complete Mode Customization, clear LED bulbs and more. Includes 4 CTRLs and 2mm string installed.

designed to perfection

  • Multi Directional Lights icon Multi-Directional Lights
  • spinning icon World's Smoothest, Easiest Spinning Orbit
  • durability icon Ultra Durable, Ergonomic Design
  • orbiters icon Made By Orbiters, For Orbiters
  • eLite orbit lights icon Compatible with all eLite Orbit Lights
led orbit light patterns diagram

Multi-Directional Lights

The ZERO Orbit: CTRL features a reimagined Multi-Directional orbit light
design. Turn all 4 of your lights IN, OUT, LEFT or RIGHT to find light patterns that fit your flow.

zero led orbit diagram
Default zero led orbit default patterns
Custom zero led orbit custom light patterns
Rotate your lights
in seconds

Simply unscrew the central screw with the included screwdriver for instant access to your lights. Trying new patterns is easy!

world’s smoothest easiest spinning orbit

  • Ultra Durable Polycarbonate Plastic (Not 3D Printed)
  • 100% Rattle & Tangle Free
  • Soft, Tactile Button Click
  • Perfect Weight (38g)
  • 2mm String and Keyring-style Handles Included
    (other string sizes and handle styles sold separately)
zero led orbit light show patterns
zero led orbit light show patterns

ThE zero orbit: ctrl features
CHROMa ctrl orbit lights

learn more about the zero orbit WHY CTRL?

What’s in the package?

  • bullet point zero orbit 1 ZERO Orbit: CTRL Fully Assembled
  • bullet point zero orbit 2 4 x Chroma CTRL Microlights
  • bullet point zero orbit 3 2 x Keyring-style Comfort Handles
  • bullet point zero orbit 4 2 x 2mm Satin Strings
  • bullet point zero orbit 5 8 x 1620 Batteries
  • bullet point zero orbit 6 Mini Phillips-head Screwdriver

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